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Joe Smith, Mike Jones, Leigh Johnson, Manon Carpenter, Rowan Sorrell, Nikki Whiles and Ajay Jones.

Wales; famous for its rugby, castles and sheep. The lushest landscapes are now trails and two wheels shape the valleys. Dive into a cinematic journey led by Alex Tyler & Tom Wheeler and explore the simplicity of riding your home trails. Wales never fails.

We are getting in touch to give you the opportunity to be involved in our film, Alright Butt. The film will be released in January on all major streaming platforms including iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play and Amazon.

The outline of the video is simple; entirely Welsh, from the creators through to the riders and locations.

We will be hosting a premiere of the film on the 1st December with an exhibition showcasing the photography from behind the scenes of the film as well as having the riders bikes on display.

Like what you hear and want to get involved? Let’s keep in touch over email and we can discuss it further. 

Alex Tyler & Tom Wheeler